Latitude 36 is an extremely versatile Bermudagrass, suitable for Sports, Golf, Commercial and Residential applications. It is quickly becoming the new standard in sports field and golf course surfaces. 

Exceptional cold tolerance
Top-rated wear tolerance and recoverability 
Best shade tolerance of all bermudagrasses
Dark green color and aesthetically superior to all Bermuda grasses
Fine texture
Dense leaf canopy
Early spring green-up
Very good fall color retention
Exceptional drought resistance
Good salt tolerance
Uniform and consistent color and growth

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Shade study conducted by USGA:


TIFTUF was selected for its superior drought and wear tolerance while consistently maintaining excellent turf quality. The Federal Specialty Crop Research Initiative has identified TIFTUF™ as the most drought tolerant bermudagrass, becoming the new standard for all future University drought tolerance testing. Further testing has shown that TIFTUF™ uses 38% less water than Tifway while maintaining better turf quality. Fine textured and dense, TIFTUF™ greens up early and maintains its color well into the fall.

The grass that’s as tough as Texas! It is extremely hardy, drought resistant and wear tolerant.
This vibrant emerald green grass has a medium texture and very few seed heads. It also has late fall color retention and makes earlier spring recovery than common bermuda.  It is recommended for athletic fields, golf courses, residential, and commercial application. Texas Turf has a mowing height of 0.5" to 1.5”.

A deep green Bermuda grass with a fine texture (blade width of 1.2mm) and low seed head production. This tried and true turfgrass is the most widely used Hybrid Bermuda grass in the South for golf and sports fields but can be used for home lawns and landscapes. Requires full sun, frequent mowing and fertilizing to perform optimally.
Tifway will go dormant in the winter but tolerates most regions of Texas winter months very well. 
Mowing height for Tif  is 0.5" to 1.5" and when kept in this height range it creates a dense, cushioned canopy allowing  greater  tolerance for wear & tear. 


A new variety of Bermuda grass developed in Europe and selected in the United States. Discovery Bermuda can be used in any landscape application that would benefit from the natural drought tolerance of a Bermuda grass but with the added benefits:
*75% less mowing!!!!! This also allows for very little thatch
*Beautiful blue-green color
*Extremely quick establishment, less water requirements, and a massive root system
*Few to no unsightly seed heads
*Rapid lateral growth which creates a highly dense sod and rapid recovery from damage
*Mowing height 0.5" to 2" with optimum being 1".

Sunday is an Ultra-Dwarf "greens" type bermudagrass. Developed by a turf grower and golf course owner, Sunday is finer-textured than Tifdwarf. Sunday can be mowed as low as .080 and provides a very consistent, high quality putting surface. In addition, the color of Sunday is monolithic providing a highly aesthetic green putting surface. Sunday has successfully been installed on multiple courses with very positive feedback on its color and reduced maintenance. 
Sunday is outperforming Mini Verde, Tif Eagle, and Tif Dwarf in most of the NTEP trials: http://www.ntep.org/data/ws13g/ws13g_16-1/ws13g_16-1.pdf
   Sunday putts like an ultra-dwarf bermudagrass, manages like a dwarf bermudagrass, and feels like a bentgrass. With a massive root system, Sunday offers excellent durability and can be mowed as low as .100 inches. This ultra-dwarf has an exceptionally fine texture, uniform grain and consistent surface for smooth ball roll. The color of Sunday is monolithic, providing a highly aesthetic green.
Attributes are:
-Ease of maintenance: The consensus among superintendents that manage Sunday is that it is very easy to maintain.
-Versatility: it can be maintained at varying heights and/or levels of input depending on what type of surface you are trying to achieve.
-Forgiveness and Recover-ability: It can take a beating and bounce back very quickly from damage and or intensive cultural practices.
-Deep Root Structure: The deep root structure protects it from freeze damage and helps it maintain itself when presented with various stress conditions.
-Stability: Sunday is known for it's consistent color and consistent grain, Cotton Creek Golf Course in Gulf Shores, AL has been maintaining the same Sunday greens on their course for almost 30 years and have not had any mutations and are still performing very well. 

Specify Sunday Ultra-Dwarf on your next new course or renovation!
Research article on Sunday:


Developed  by Texas A&M University, Palisades Zoysia is a variety of Zoysia Japonica. Palisades Zoysia has a deep green color making it one of the most aesthetically pleasing grasses available. It is one of the most popular medium-textured Zoysias. It possesses drought tolerance, withstands cold relatively well and can handle moderate shade. It has a good salt tolerance.  Another crucial distinguishing point about Palisades is that it can be mowed to as low as ½ inch in height.  It tolerates infrequent mowing and neglect. This aspect of the grass, along with its hardiness in dry conditions, makes it an ideal turf for golf course fairways and roughs – and, of course, for residential lawns and commercial areas. Mowing height is .5" to 2”, the latter being ideal in most situations.

A cross between a Zoysia Japonica and a Zoysia Tenuifolia. It has a fine leaf texture and a dark green color. Geo is the most shade tolerant grass available. Geo has high herbicide resistance, salinity tolerance, wear tolerance, and slow vertical growth. It will recover quickly from traffic damage.  Geo is a very easy grass to mow using a standard rotary mower. Geo has a mowing height of 0.5" to 1.5".

 If you want the best looking lawn in the neighborhood and are willing to perform a little more seasonal maintenance, Geo is the best choice. If your landscape has a limited amount of turf, Geo may be the best grass due to its fine blade width.

A dense medium-textured Zoysia, highly durable turf. It spreads by runners and is slower growing than the hybrid bermudas. It adapts well to high heat and tolerates moderate shade. Its color is medium green with a mowing height of 1" to 2”. El Toro makes a great choice for residential and commercial applications!



Improved shade tolerance
Extensive root system
Improved disease resistance