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Big Roll Sod

We harvest 48" Big Rolls- the widest roll in the industry-which reduces seams by as much as 60%. Big Rolls allow for a smoother, more attractive surface immediately after installation and reduce the need for  subsequent  topdressing with sand or soil. Another advantage to Big Rolls is their increased ease and efficiency of installation: the installers simply roll out the sod, much like carpet.  We can also carry more sod per truck-load using big rolls rather than block sod. 

Washed sod is a grass that has been specially pressure washed to remove the soil. This process eliminates the possibility of soil incompatibility when working with a specific growing medium, eliminates the possibility of soil contamination, and it forces the grass to establish its root system more quickly than soil-based sod. With our custom designed and built sod washing machine, we are one of only a handful of sod producers to offer this specialized service!

Thomas Turfgrass grows sod on soil consisting of up to 96% sand. This provides an ideal growing medium as it allows quick water percolation, high oxygen levels, and minimal compaction. These attributes make sand-based sod the most desirable in the business and will benefit the overall health of your sod more than any other soil type. 

Washed Sod

Sand-Based Sod

Our Revolutionary Sprig Planter: The Sprig Master II

Thomas Turfgrass doesn't use the conventional method of cutting sprigs up at the farm and then sending them "naked and unsupported" to the jobsite.  Instead we employ a machine that allows us to cut the sprigs from a roll of sod as they are being planted. Since our sprigs are transported to the site with the soil intact they endure much less "shock stress", thereby greatly reducing their recovery time. We have found our method gives customers up to a 35% faster grow-in rate than the conventional approach!

Sprigging of Newest Farm

Paige, TX

We specialize in providing and installing premium sod and sprigs for sports fields and golf courses.  However, you will also find the same desire for perfection on our many residential and commercial turf projects.  We are committed to using the most innovative technology and techniques to provide the most effective and efficient service.  Such technology includes our revolutionary sprig planter and our custom sod washing machine.  Thomas Turfgrass is also dedicated to meeting the needs of every customer with field-proven varieties of grasses as well as some of the latest cutting-edge hybrids.


George Ranch Athletic Fields

Richmond, TX

Residential Project

Austin, TX


Wolfdancer Golf Course, Hyatt Lost Pines Resort

Bastrop, TX


University of Texas South Mall

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