Professional Installation

Along with providing quality sod straight from the farm, we offer professional installation services. From backyards and parks to fairways and football fields we have the tools and know how to cover any job with precision and care. 

Depending on the scope of work, we may recommend block-cut sod or Big Rolls. Free estimates are available in most cases so you can feel confident in the end result! 


Our Revolutionary Sprig Planter:

The Sprig Master II

Thomas Turfgrass doesn't use the conventional method of cutting sprigs up at the farm and then sending them "naked and unsupported" to the jobsite.  Instead we employ a machine that allows us to cut the sprigs from a roll of sod as they are being planted. Since our sprigs are transported to the site with the soil intact they endure much less "shock stress", thereby greatly reducing their recovery time. We have found our method gives customers up to a 35% faster grow-in rate than the conventional approach!

Washed Sod

Washed sod is a grass that has been specially pressure washed to remove the soil. This process eliminates the possibility of soil incompatibility when working with a specific growing medium, eliminates the possibility of soil contamination, and it forces the grass to establish its root system more quickly than soil-based sod. With our custom designed and built sod washing machine, we are one of only a handful of sod producers to offer this specialized service!

Sand-Based Sod

Thomas Turfgrass grows sod on soil consisting of up to 96% sand. This provides an ideal growing medium as it allows quick water percolation, high oxygen levels, and minimal compaction. These attributes make sand-based sod the most desirable in the business and will benefit the overall health of your sod more than any other soil type


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